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ASFINAG was founded in 1982 and is a state-owned company. We plan, finance, build, maintain, operate and collect tolls on the entire primary road network in Austria. There are currently approx. 2,200 kilometres of motorway and expressway in the country.


In 1997, our company was granted a wider remit through a contract with the Federation: since then, ASINFAG has had the right of usufruct to the land and facilities of the primary Federal road network owned by the Federation. We are therefore entitled to collect tolls and usage charges. We finance our activities mainly through the tolls collected from our customers. In other words, there are no subsidies from the national budget. All toll revenues are ploughed straight back into the operation and construction of the road network and hence into increasing road safety.


ASFINAG acts as an economically responsible motorway operator. We are convinced that modern and sustainably developed infrastructure is essential both for the mobility requirements of every single person and for Austria as a location for business. By using new technologies and innovations, we want to make Austria's motorways and expressways amongst the safest in Europe – in the interest of our customers and to strengthen the country as a place in which to do business.

2,199 kilometres of modern motorways and expressways

Our network currently comprises 2,183 kilometres of road and is constantly growing. More road-traffic safety, connecting Austria better to its neighbours and the necessary shifting of traffic onto the primary road network - these are our focal points for planning and construction. Our goal is to maintain the existing motorways and expressways, to constantly upgrade them to the latest technological standards, and to ensure the highest possible levels of road-traffic safety. By 2020, we want to offer our customers some of the safest motorways and expressways anywhere in Europe.

Clearly defined core areas

The corporate structure of ASFINAG reflects the three core areas of the company: operation, construction and toll. As one of Europe's leading motorway operators, we are also internationally networked. This is done through our office in Brussels and through our collaboration in international organisations.

Smooth operation

One of the most important tasks of ASFINAG is the operation, maintenance and monitoring of the motorways and expressways. This includes route management, winter services, pruning and clipping as well as the cleaning of tunnels, roads and rest areas. Smooth operation, network availability and your safety are ensured by 1,500 employees around the clock, every day.

Reliable mobility partner

The second pillar of ASFINAG is the planning and building of primary sections of road. Within the scope of a coordinate building programme with the owner, ASFINAG invests annually in building new roads and expanding the road network. This also includes the building of second tunnel tubes as well as the refurbishment of the existing road network - measures that above all increase road-traffic safety and guarantee our customers the best possible mobility.

User-financing through tolls

The third task area of ASFINAG is the collection of tolls: car toll (toll sticker), HGV toll (GO-Box) and the special tolls.That's because we finance our activities mainly through the tolls collected from our customers. We do not, therefore, receive any funds from the national budget. The toll revenues are ploughed straight back into operation and construction of the road network and hence into increasing road safety. The service and control agency of ASFINAG checks that tolls are collected.

International commitment

As one of Europe's leading motorway operators, ASFINAG is internationally positioned and networked. Our international commitment is based on three pillars:


  • Representation of ASFINAG in Brussels
  • Cooperations with international organisations
  • Deployment of employees on projects abroad
ASFINAG Organization

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Mission – Vision – Strategy

ASFINAG mission - reliability on all ways

ASFINAG is a customer-financed and economically acting operator and builder of motorways and expressways. We offer our customers an appropriate, safe and well serviced network with a high degree of availability. We work in harmony with our business, environmental and social responsibility, and also strengthen Austria as a business location.

ASFINAG vision 2020 - operator on high level

ASFINAG is one of Europe's leading motorway operators, especially in terms of


  • availability
  • traffic steering
  • traffic information
  • traffic safety
  • technological development


We act international and link to the public transport system.

ASFINAG strategy

In order to achieve the vision 2020, five strategies were developed, which will be defined in detail up till spring 2013. The most important objectives from the customer's perspective are:


  • further improvement of traffic safety
  • active traffic steering in order to reduce traffic congestions as best as possible
  • active information for the motorist about traffic situation on our road network
  • further linking with the public transport system as well as with lower traffic network
  • sufficient possibilities with high quality to take a rest


Our strategy will also reflect our confession to guide our company effectively and with responsibility to our society as well as to use technological improvements whenever they are useful and economical. Our aim is to make your travel as pleasant as possible. Modern technology thereby is indispensable.


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ASFINAG Commercial Services GmbH

ASFINAG Commercial Services GmbH is a for-profit service and consulting company that renders and organises the core services of ASFINAG, predominantly in the international arena. As a qualified and reliable partner, we offer our customers comprehensive solutions based around our core competences of construction management, road operation and toll systems. In addition, we also provide operating services abroad.

Tried and test special know-how

With ASFINAG Commercial Services GmbH, you've got your finger on the pulse of the entire road infrastructure sector. We offer you:


  • Access to the know-how of ASFINAG.
  • Extensive practical experience in the implementation and operation of new technologies.
  • Use of state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Many years of experience in dealing with wide-ranging topographical and climatic conditions on the road network
  • Provision of complete solutions.
  • Worldwide implementation of Austrian road and service quality.
  • Cooperation with national and international partners in the same field of activity.
  • Wide-ranging competence through our pool of experts.


A pool of ASFINAG experts from the areas of construction management, road operation and tolling systems are available to provide our consulting services. They represent the link between the customers and the specialists in the company. Their task is to also make the diverse and high-quality knowledge of the Group's company accessible to international partners within the scope of consulting and operating contracts. In this way we can make use of the know-how of the entire ASFINAG group of companies and use it to the benefit of our customers.

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Facts & Figures

Significant figures are the hallmarks of every company. We have compiled for you facts & figures (March 2016).








  • Employees: around 2.735
  • Network length in operation 2,199 km
  • Annual mileage: 30,8 bn km
  • Tunnels in operation: 164
  • Bridges: 5,192
  • Connection points: 367
  • Half connection points: 56
  • Annexions: 38
  • Motorway operation and maintenance facilities: 43
  • Toll stations: 6
  • Control centres: 9
  • Motorway service areas: 86
  • Rest areas: 49
  • Parking places for HGVs: 6,886
  • Parking areas: 107
  • Park & Drive areas: 42
  • Revenue out of HGVs: 1,27 bn Euro
  • Revenue out of toll sticker: 472 m Euro
  • Revenue out of special toll: 173 m Euro
  • Total sold toll sticker: 26,4 m Euro
  • Total proceeds 2016: 1,92 bn Euro
  • Year mileage total traffic: 30.770 m car kilometers (+3,4 % in the comparison to 2015)
  • Year mileage heavy traffic (maximum gross vehicle weight over 3,5 tons): 3.496 m car kilometers (+4,8 % in the comparison to 2015)
  • Year mileage light transport (maximum gross vehicle weight 3,5 tons): 27.274 m car kilometers (+3,2 % in the comparison to 2015)
  • Net income 2016: 615 m Euro
  • Infrastructure investments 2016 total: 
  • Neu projects: 530 m Euro
  • Maintenance: 470 m Euro
  • Forecast investments 2017 - 2022: 7,8 bm Euro

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New tasks, changing requirements and underlying political conditions resulted in the development of the basic preconditions and terms of business, and also the company of ASFINAG itself.




Important historic dates in the development of ASFINAG

1982: Founding of ASFINAG as a financing company: from this moment on, the credit operations are managed centrally for all motorway companies in Austria by the fully state-owned financing company ASFINAG.


1993: Founding of ÖSAG and ASG. The six operational motorway companies in Austria at the time are merged into two companies: Alpen Straßen AG in the west, Österreichische Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen AG for the rest of Austria.


1997: Usufruct agreement and introduction of the toll sticker. ASFINAG assumes overall responsibility for the network and liabilities. The right to collect tolls and usage fees on its own behalf (right of usufruct) leads, in addition to the revenues from the special toll routes, to the introduction of the toll sticker - a time-based toll for vehicles weighing less than 12 tonnes maximum permissible weight.


2004: Introduction of the HGV toll. From this moment, vehicles over 3.5 tonnes maximum permissible weight pay tolls depending on the route.


2005: Founding of ASFINAG International GmbH. Take-over of EUROPPASS: ASFINAG takes over the HGV toll system with the purchase of the Italian Autostrade subsidiary Europpass.


2006: Direct take-over of road operations by ending the works agreements with the Austrian federal provinces.


2007: Amendment to the usufruct agreement - creation of a framework plan for road building projects coordinated with the owner.


2008: Structural adjustments within ASFINAG – strengthening of the core tasks, optimisation of costs.


2009: Representation of ASFINAG in Brussels in cooperation with ASECAP.


2010: Merger of the companies responsible for operation into ASFINAG Service GmbH.


2011: Milestone on the A 10 Tauern Motorway: With the completion of the two Rai built Tauern Tunnel A 10 is from Salzburg to Villach continuous dual carriageway or in the tunnels two rad passable since June 30th 2011.


2012: Introduction of the so-called contingency corridor – the contingency corridor is to be formed during hold-ups on the ASFINAG road network.


2013: Toll pay simply in Austria, Denmark, Norway and Sweden with EasyGo+. Truck and bus driver need  just one single on Board Unit and no additional contracts in the respective countries. The advantage: No tedious rearranging of the equipment and no different currencies, but simple and rapid payment in all four countries.


2014: Decade GO toll system in Austria. Since 2004 is the GO toll system in Austria in use and guarantees a simple and efficient toll charge for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. The balance after ten years: 6.2 billion by toll charges.


2015: The largest highway project of ASFINAG within Austria - the S 10 Mühlviertler Highway - was opened for traffic in December. A new highway for more traffic security, better economy in uper Mühlviertel, better connection to the center of Linz and shorter driving times for commuter.

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