Areas of Responsibility

Useful information about planning, construction, operation and toll systems for Austria's highly advanced road network. Sustainability and future-oriented thinking are our highest priorities.

The ASFINAG motorway and clearway network currently comprises around 2,200 km of roads. Correspondingly, as a company our responsibilities have a wide scope. They include construction and planning of new road projects, operation and maintenance of the existing network, collecting tolls and developing telematics services. The ASFINAG priorities with regard to construction and planning are increased road safety, improved international connections between Austria and bordering countries, and the implementation of necessary road network upgrades.

Sustainability – our top priority

As a dynamic business, we constantly strive to improve our maintenance management in order to run our infrastructure as economically as possible. Our top priority in this regard is sustainability. We are aware that our construction activity and work as an infrastructure operator impact in numerous ways on people and the environment. ASFINAG bears a very great responsibility in this area. It is necessary to keep environmental burdens as low as possible and take the needs of our customers and local residents seriously. We strive to meet this challenge in all our spheres of activity.

The challenge of future transport

A further challenge for ASFINAG is the question of how we can manage future transport in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. As a modern motorway operator, we are already thinking about transport for the future. In future, all relevant traffic information should be sent to vehicles directly from the road in order to inform our customers quickly about the traffic conditions on motorways. We also want to offer accurate public transport alternatives. At ASFINAG, we believe the future of transport lies in this kind of networking with public transport.

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