Well informed with our free app ASFINAG "on the way"

When you're on the move, the new "On the way" app is your indispensable travel companion.

260,000 downloads say it all - the app is a hit. To maintain this, the tool is continuously improved. The very latest: The Street Info Service "Kompagnon" indicates location, length and duration of an impending delay. Based on feedback from our clients we constantly improove usability, stability and new features. Big plus: The majority of the app is available offline, so you can access even without connection to internet to your personalized content (e.g. video toll card).

Also our features for lorry-driving customers in the GO section of the app are very helpful. The app has already been downloaded 260,000 times. Reviews in online stores are overwhelmingly positive.

On your way, on your mobile – how it works

This is the app for you if you want access to quick, clear, up-to-date travel information for your route using your smartphone (iPhone, Android). We developed the ASFINAG "On the way" traffic app to provide you with free traffic information in a simple and easy-to-use format. Its intuitive design means that a few clicks is all it takes; whether you're commuting, setting off on holiday or travelling for business, everything you need for your journey is at your fingertips.

We value your opinion

Nobody's perfect! We want to keep on improving. But for this we need your feedback! Please use the envelope symbol to submit your comments – this is a direct line to our developers. Version 2.6 is already available to download. The ASFINAG traffic app "On the way" is compatible with tablets (such as iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tabs) and is optimized for use in landscape mode.


Clearer start screen of the new app.


Available features

The companion will show you the next four events on your route. The current BETA version is currently available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry. The very latest feature integrated Hotspots. In case of an approaching delay, length and loss of time will be announced. Please note, the companion is still a working trial. We are therefore particularly pleased with feedback, bug reports and suggestions for improvement: app@asfinag.at

Form your own impression of the latest traffic situation – with the help of 500 webcams! To make it easier to search, we've made it possible for you to save webcams as favorites. This gives you quick access to the sections of road that are most important to you. This feature is exclusive to the ASFINAG "On the way" traffic app. Roadwork notifications are superimposed directly onto the webcam images.

Mach mal Pause! Raststationen, die neuen ASFINAG Rastplätze und die Parkplätze entlang der Autobahnen und Schnellstraßen laden zu einer erholsamen Pause ein. Wo sich die nächste Rastmöglichkeit auf Ihrem Weg befindet, finden Sie jetzt in der ASFINAG App.
Tipp für Lkw-Fahrer: Ist ein Park- oder Rastplatz in das Lkw-Stellplatz Infosystem eingebunden, wird der Auslastungsgrad innerhalb der App angezeigt.

Use your smartphone to apply for electronic toll passes for special toll routes, quickly and hassle-free. Payment is simple and takes place via credit card. Why do this? You can pass through toll checkpoints without having to stop.

Developed in collaboration with the ÖAMTC, the following ASFINAG traffic information is made available to you in real time:

  • Traffic disruptions such as congestion and accidents
  • Roadworks
  • Road closures
  • Information on mandatory use of snow chains
The ASFINAG traffic app also allows you to use GPS positioning. If you've activated GPS positioning on your smartphone, you'll see a map of the local area surrounding your current location, with relevant traffic information. It goes without saying that your location data will not be transferred to ASFINAG or third parties.

The menu item for our GO toll customers. Motorists, business owners, and managers of vehicle fleets can now access information on their vehicles via the app. You can see whether (and most importantly, why) your GO box is blocked, and what European emission classes have been declared. Customers who use the GO Direct credit system will now receive information on their current credit status via the app, in addition to text messages. And customers that use the pre-pay system can find out how much credit they have left on their pre-pay GO boxes. On top of this, you can access the current Individual Performance Data for every vehicle currently on the move, for example, and if necessary make any extra payment within 48 hours (e.g. if an incorrect axle number was used).

Information on future developments of the app will appear on an ongoing basis in the "News" section.

Where's the next sales point? A list of all ASFINAG toll sticker / GO toll sales points, grouped by state, can now be viewed using the app.

The app allows you to connect directly to the ASFINAG Service Centre if you require assistance. The Service Centre is available 24 hours a day by phone on +43 (0)800 400 12 400 (free from Austria, Germany and Switzerland). Any questions relating to the motorway network, such as questions about roadworks, the winter roads clearing service, road safety, service stations, noise control, tolls and telematics will be answered in a professional manner.

App users, who spot objects in the road, road damage or other dangerous situations can instantly report this to ASFINAG via the app. Once received, the information is processed immediately by the ASFINAG Service Centre or the Information Centre of the ÖAMTC motoring organization. (Feature for iOS and Android only available.)

The feedback button gives you a direct line to our developers. Whether it's criticism or praise, we collect, verify and analyses everything that's sent to us – and use it as the basis for developing improvements and adjustments for future versions.

"On the way" for your PC or Mac

Windows 7 gadgets, Windows 8 live tiles, or Mac OS dashboard widgets allow you to make practical and personalized additions to your computer. These small programs are simply installed directly onto the desktop. They provide useful and clearly laid out information, and don't effect the performance of your computer.

And they mean that you now have easy access to ASFINAG's "On the way" traffic information directly from your desktop. Amongst other things, you can see live images from more than 450 ASFINAG webcams, along with the latest traffic reports. This lets you check the traffic for your drive home, for example, at a glance while still at the office.


Install the Windows 8 tile

To install the ASFINAG app for Windows 8, please follow the link to the Windows Store. To installation


Install the Mac OS X dashboard widget

The widget is available for versions 10.5 and onwards. Click on "Mac OS X widget" at the bottom of the page in the downloads section. The widget will be automatically downloaded onto your Mac. After you've double-clicked on the download, the Mac dashboard will automatically appear, where you can click "Install" to save the widget. If a new version of the Mac OS dashboard widget is available, a notification from within the widget itself will inform you of this.



Install the Windows 7 gadget

This gadget is available for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Click on "Win7 gadget" in the downloads section below. A file download dialogue will appear. Click on "Open" in the dialogue. If a security query appears then click to confirm that you wish to proceed; then depending on the version of Windows you're running, click on "Install" or "Allow".










Test "Very good"

The online magazine allessparen.de has tested the app "Unterwegs" (Android version) with an overall rating of "Very Good".