Fit and active for the journey

Fill up on energy! We have engaged a fitness trainer for you who will show you some really simple exercises to get you moving. The first video shows you small movements which you can also perform in your car. Simple gymnastics exercises for your rest stop at the car park of the rest area or motorway service area get your circulation going.



Driving is tiring. Especially driving on the motorway. Motorway journeys are long, straight and monotonous. The few stimuli that have to be visually processed during the journey do not challenge the brain enough. The nervous system switches into rest mode. The result is tiredness.

Tips to avoid getting tired at the wheel

  • Only drive when properly rested
  • Drink water regularly
  • Take regular breaks and move about
  • Eat small meals
  • Coffee and energy drinks do not help against tiredness
  • Avoid smoking in the car – ventilate regularly
  • First signs of tiredness: Yawning, rubbing eyes, frequent blinking
  • Power nap: Be fit again after a 20 minute sleep

Further tips for a safe journey by car can be found on the Road Safety channel.

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