Road safety

Every other euro we invest flows in your road safety. Here at ASFINAG, we want you to have a relaxed and safe journey on our road network. That and so much more – including intelligent traffic planning, state-of-the-art construction site management, high-tech tunnel safety – is making an impact: despite rising volumes of traffic, there are fewer traffic hold-ups on Austria's motorways.


An overview of road-traffic safety

  • State-of-the-art traffic control systems inform you about obstructions, hold-ups and alternative routes along your route
  • Safe construction sites: a construction site in our network delays a 100 kilometre journey by a maximum of five minutes
  • Seamless guardrails for optimised safety
  • Hearing and feeling our tunnels: acoustic monitoring, thermal scanner, state-of-the-art LED lighting, an much more besides High-tech equipment in all tunnel systems delivers optimal tunnel safety
  • Hazardous sections of road are made safer for you with Section Control
  • Free, mobile & live: information systems on current traffic events for you: ASFINAG app "Unterwegs" and ASFINAG map "Unterwegs".
  • Special toll ticket? Quick and comfortable with our video tolling
  • Attention! During hold-ups and stop-and-go traffic: form a contingency corridor!


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