Responsibility for society, the environment and the economy

As a leading infrastructure company, ASFINAG makes an essential contribution to the mobility and competitiveness of Austria as a business location.

We are aware that our activities as a builder and infrastructure operator have diverse effects on people and the environment. This is why we have enshrined sustainability in our mission statement: All our activities are directed towards fulfilling our economic, environmental and social responsibilities.


The focus is on the question of how we can get more people and goods moving on our roads more quickly and more safely, at the same time using less resources – and what ASFINAG can best do to make this happen.


The following applies here: we can achieve the best results together! This is why we work closely with our stakeholders – in a networking platform with the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways), aimed at exploring and developing pioneering projects and technologies for sustainable mobility and environmental protection. We must keep environmental pollution to a minimum and take the needs of our customers and local residents seriously. This is our top priority. A number of studies and surveys among customers, employees and stakeholders along with face-to-face discussions are used for the purposes of sustainable development at ASFINAG and our services.

Read the latest information on our sustainable commitment in our online Annual Report.

New ideas and innovative approaches are needed! We encourage research and development of pioneering projects and technologies for the purposes of sustainable mobility. Read more in our Series of R&D reports.


We are also active abroad:

  • International commitment: One of the main focal points related to maintaining international links is ASFINAG's representation in Brussels, which actively works with us on decisions relevant to us. The second focal point is closely associated with this, i.e. our cooperation with ASECAP (European Association of Operators of Toll Road Infrastructures) as our most important partner in Europe. The third focal point is maintaining international contacts with the aim of obtaining information both within as well as outside of Europe.
  • International commercial projects: ASFINAG Commercial Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASFINAG that was founded in order to market the latter's extensive expertise in the areas of construction, design, maintenance, operation and toll rate systems for traffic infrastructure projects incl. telematics services, at the national and international levels. Our pool of ASFINAG experts enables us to market diverse and premium-value knowledge to our international customers.

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