Have a good trip, Austria!

Increased safety, good transport connections and expanded infrastructure where it is needed: Your safety is our driving force – as our customers, we ensure that you reach your destination unhindered and in comfort. This goal has the highest priority for ASFINAG as your Austrian mobility partner.

We are your reliable partner on Austria's motorways and expressways. ASFINAG was founded in 1982 and is a company owned by the state. Our tasks: We plan, fund, build, maintain, operate and collect toll along almost 2,265 kilometres of motorways and expressways.

Transport links are lifelines – for the economy and for people alike. They are essential for economic supply, for jobs, but also for commuters and tourism.

The ASFINAG system is considered a best-practice example in Europe. After all: ASFINAG funds all expenses – from new roads to functioning winter services to clean service areas – solely with its own resources. Toll revenues are directly reinvested into our infrastructure – ensuring even higher safety. In short: We don't receive subsidies from the state budget.

Our vision 2030

„As a reliable, innovative and sustainable mobility partner, we connect regions and people in the heart of Europe.“

Our mission

Together with our partners, we are ensuring mobility for generations to come. With forward-looking, sustainable and innovative solutions, we represent part of Austria’s major shift in mobility.
  • We invest in the quality of our network, constantly developing it both ecologically and economically with Austria’s overall mobility system in mind.
  • As a competent road operator, we offer our customers safe and efficient motorways and expressways.
  • With our modern toll products & digital information services, we are a customer-oriented service provider.