Our core areas

As a mobility partner and infrastructure operator, we control all factors in shaping the mobility of tomorrow in a demand-oriented, customer-oriented and sustainable way.

In these core areas of toll collection, operation and construction, the protection of people and the environment, the guarantee of individual mobility and the comprehensive partnership for the economy and the business location therefore play the most important roles.

Service & Operation

ASFINAG Service GmbH and ASFINAG Alpenstraßen GmbH are responsible for the operational management of motorways and expressways.

In their respective service areas (ASFINAG Alpenstraßen GmbH for Tyrol and Vorarlberg, ASFINAG Service GmbH for the other federal states) these two companies are responsible for all activities relating to operational and electromechanical maintenance as well as inventory and traffic management.

In total, we maintain some 2,250 kilometres of motorways and expressways. The company's area of operation is varied. Among others, it covers:

  • Cleaning of service and parking areas
  • Snow clearing / winter service
  • Patching / restoration work
  • Green waste
  • Tunnel cleaning and monitoring
  • Section inspection
  • Construction site management
  • Monitoring, maintaining and repairing all electromechanical facilities such as tunnel ventilation, lighting, emergency telephones 
  • Operating traffic control systems
  • Close collaboration with emergency organisations
  • Servicing & controlling mandatory tolls 

Project development & construction

ASFINAG's construction measures are diverse. We not only build motorways and expressways, but also motorway entries and exits (junctions), rest and traffic control areas, noise protection measures, motorway maintenance depots and traffic control systems. In short: We ensure a safe and demand-oriented motorway and expressway network. Environmental protection and sustainability are very important to us. 

Toll charges

ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH is responsible for collecting tolls in the ASFINAG route network. We distinguish between time-based passenger vehicle tollsmileage-based passenger vehicle tolls along toll sections and mileage-based electronic truck tolls.

Further informations