Responsible management

The ASFINAG Group carries out its legal duties on the basis of a number of legal frameworks. To adhere to these legal frameworks, the company maintains a comprehensive and group-wide compliance management system to ensure responsible management.

Compliance management at ASFINAG

The basis of the compliance management system of the ASFINAG Group is the group-wide "Compliance" regulation. The compliance management system includes the following areas, among others:

  • Anti-corruption,
  • Labour law,
  • Operational environmental management,
  • Corporate governance,
  • Data protection and data security,
  • Issuer compliance,
  • Media transparency,
  • Tax law, and
  • Procurement and competition law.

The group compliance agent of the ASFINAG Group plays a central role within the compliance management system. This role is independent, and the agent is only bound by instructions from the management board, which is also his only direct reporting line. The compliance agent together with the group-wide compliance group coordinate the measures to prevent compliance breaches and to ensure that compliance is maintained; they are also responsible for monitoring the compliance regulation.

Lobbying guidelines and the law

At ASFINAG, lobbying is carried out in accordance with the legal requirements (especially the Lobbying- und Interessenvertretungs-Transparenz-Gesetz (lobbying and advocacy transparency law)) as well as company-internal provisions.

To promote transparency and professionalism, we have created our own "Verhaltenskodex für verantwortungsvolles Lobbying" (code of conduct for responsible lobbying). It describes the rules and principles governing the activities of the in-house lobbyists of the ASFINAG Group. ASFINAG also meets its obligation under § 7 of the Lobby-Gesetz (lobby act).


The anti-corruption system of the ASFINAG Group

The companies of the ASFINAG Group are committed to integrated management in compliance with the law. We are thus clearly opposed to white-collar crime of any kind. The anti-corruption system of the ASFINAG Group is part of the compliance system. It has transparent structures and clear responsibilities. The key measures of coordination, prevention and development are the responsibility of the two anti-corruption agents of the ASFINAG Group. They are supported by the persons of trust of the respective companies.

Indications of possible white-collar criminal activity

A central element of the anti-corruption system is that people have the opportunity to report white-collar criminal activity anonymously, confidentially and directly to ASFINAG. We therefore encourage you to report such leads and observations to us. We investigate every report we receive, and if necessary we take additional steps and investigate further.

You have the following options:

The electronic informant system of the ASFINAG Group

We have an electronic informant system in place, which allows informants to directly communicate with ASFINAG safely, confidentially and directly. The electronic informant system works like an electronic mailbox, and it can be accessed online around the clock. The informant decides whether they wish to provide their name or remain anonymous.

The person of trust at the ASFINAG Group

The person of trust for external parties is available to all contract partners, bidders, suppliers, customers and third parties; the person of trust can be contacted in person, over the phone or by email if you have any information about possible white-collar criminal activity. Here, confidentiality is the main priority.

Person of trust for external whistleblower

Harald Hagen
Austro Tower, Schnirchgasse 17, 1030 Vienna