During congestion: the emergency corridor

Since 2012, it has been compulsory to form an emergency corridor during congestion on Austria's motorways and expressways! However, this only works if all road users comply with this and allow the emergency teams quick and safe access to the scene of the accident.

The right way to form an emergency corridor

Form an emergency lane as soon as the traffic on the motorway or expressway is beginning to come to a halt, whether an emergency vehicle is nearby or not.

Drive your vehicle to the side of the road and position it parallel to the emergency lane. Make sure you leave enough safety distance to the vehicle in front of you.

Two lanes

If the motorway or expressway has two lanes and you are on the left lane, drive as far to the left-hand side of the road as possible, and if you are on the right lane, drive to the right-hand side of the road as much as possible. Also use the hard shoulder. This applies to cars as well as to motorbikes, lorries and buses.

Three or more lanes

The same system applies to motorways and expressways with three or more lanes. All vehicles on the outermost left lane drive as far to the left as possible. The vehicles on all other lanes drive as far to the right as possible – this includes the hard shoulder.

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Non-observance of the emergency corridor rule is not a trivial offence

Lives are at risk if you do not get in your lane or if you drive along the emergency corridor. Obstructing emergency vehicles or unlawful driving on the emergency corridor incurs penalties of up to 2,180 euros. The control of compliance with the emergency lane is the sole responsibility of the executive / police. If you notice that the rescue lane is not being observed, please contact the police.

The benefits of the emergency corridor are obvious

  • Clear and simple rules of conduct
  • The emergency teams can reach their destination quickly
  • Broad access route
  • Injured people can be treated quickly
  • Increase of the chances of survival of road accident victims by up to 40 percent
  • Broken down vehicles on the hard shoulder do not obstruct access
  • The principle is the same as in the neighbouring countries of Germany, Slovenia and Switzerland