GO toll for trucks, buses and heavy motorhomes

All vehicles with a technically permissible maximumladen mass (TPMLM) of over 3.5 tons are subject to a mileage-based GO toll when using Austrian motorways and expressways – commonly known as truck toll.

You are obliged to pay the GO toll for an HGV, a bus or a heavy motorhome. In order to be able to pay the toll you must install an on-board unit inside the vehicle. The GO-Box is our very own on-board unit. You can collect one from any of our over 175 GO points of sale in Austria and overseas. The GO-Box must be mounted correctly to ensure that communication with the toll gantries is not impaired at any time. Please mount the GO-Box correctly to avoid being liable for substitute toll fees.

GO toll rates 2024

Toll for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes maximum technically permissible laden mass (TPMLM)
incl. surcharges for air and noise pollution and CO₂ emissions (external costs) 
   Kfz der Kategorie 2 Kfz der Kategorie 3Kfz der Kategorie 4+ 
  2 axles
Category 2
3 axles
Category 3
4 and more axles
Category 4+
CO₂ emission class 5zero emission0,05380,07410,1097 
CO₂ emission class 4EURO VI0,21400,29870,4445 
CO₂ emission class 3EURO VI0,22590,31510,4693 
CO₂ emission class 2EURO VI0,22650,31600,4705 
CO₂ emission class 1EURO VI0,22780,31770,4730 
CO₂ emission class 1EEV und EURO V0,24080,33770,4990 
CO₂ emission class 1EURO IV0,25680,35570,5250 
CO₂ emission class 1EURO 0 bis III0,27080,37670,5540 
Rates in Euro per kilometer, excl. 20% VAT, valid from 1.1.2024


Rates 2023
Distance-related toll including surcharges for air and noise pollution for motor vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 tonnes Kfz der Kategorie 2 Kfz der Kategorie 3Kfz der Kategorie 4+ 
Rate groupsCategory 2
2 axles
Category 3
3 axles
Category 4+
4 axles and more
Drive type E/H2*0,051500,051900,072730,073650,108710,10987 
EURO-emission class EURO VI0,211200,211600,296310,297230,440330,44149 
EURO-emission class EURO V and EEV0,218000,218400,305830,306750,451210,45237 
EURO-emission class EURO IV0,224900,225300,315490,316410,462250,46341 
EURO-emission class EURO 0 to III0,245500,245900,344330,345250,495210,49637 
Rates in EUR per km, excl. 20% VAT, valid from 1 January 2023
* Drive type E/H2 covers purely electric drives and hydrogen fuel cell drives.
** The night rates apply between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.


Polly Box 01 Shadow
EURO emission classes

The EURO emission class of your vehicle over 3.5 t TPMLM affects how much toll you pay. The "cleaner" you are on the road, the cheaper the toll.

Section toll segments

Increased rates still apply to the section toll segments:
  • A 9 Gleinalm or Bosruck Tunnel
  • A 10 Tauern Tunnel
  • A 11 Karawanken Tunnel
  • A 13 Brenner motorway
  • S 16 expressway Arlberg Tunnel

An increased rate (+25 % on the basic kilometre rate) is also applied for the A 12 on the Lower Inn Valley route (between the border at Kufstein and the Innsbruck/Amras intersection).

GO-Box: Our very own device for paying the GO toll
Go Maut 43 2
The GO-Box is an electronic device for toll payment that is installed in the vehicle (on-board unit). It uses microwave technology to communicate with the toll gantries and thus automatically ensures the payment of the toll. Always keep the data on the GO-Box up-to-date to ensure that you pay the correct amount of the toll.
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