GO toll for trucks, buses and heavy motorhomes

All vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 tons are subject to a mileage-based GO toll when using Austrian motorways and expressways – commonly known as truck toll.

You are obliged to pay the GO toll for an HGV, a bus or a heavy motorhome. In order to be able to pay the toll you must install an on-board unit inside the vehicle. The GO-Box is our very own on-board unit. You can collect one from any of our over 175 GO points of sale in Austria and overseas. The GO-Box must be mounted correctly to ensure that communication with the toll gantries is not impaired at any time. Please mount the GO-Box correctly to avoid being liable for substitute toll fees.

Rates 2021
Distance-related toll including surcharges for air and noise pollution for motor vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 tonnesKfz der Kategorie 2Kfz der Kategorie 3Kfz der Kategorie 4+
Rate groupsCategory 2
2 axles
Category 3
3 axles
Category 4+
4 axles and more
Drive type E/H2*0.049400.049800.069790.070710.104300.10546
EURO-emission class EURO VI0.200100.200500.280770.281690.417020.41818
EURO-emission class EURO V and EEV0.209800.210200.294350.295270.433990.43515
EURO-emission class EURO IV0.216700.217100.304010.304930.445030.44619
EURO-emission class EURO 0 to III0.237300.237700.332850.333770.477990.47915

Rates in EUR per km, excl. 20% VAT, valid as 1st of September 2021

* Drive type E/H2 covers purely electric drives and hydrogen fuel cell drives.
** The night rates apply between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.


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EURO emission classes

The EURO emission class of your vehicle over 3.5 t mpw affects how much toll you pay. The "cleaner" you are on the road, the cheaper the toll.

Section toll segments

Increased rates still apply to the section toll segments:
  • A 9 Gleinalm or Bosruck Tunnel
  • A 10 Tauern Tunnel
  • A 11 Karawanken Tunnel
  • A 13 Brenner motorway
  • S 16 expressway Arlberg Tunnel

An increased rate (+25 % on the basic kilometre rate) is also applied for the A 12 on the Lower Inn Valley route (between the border at Kufstein and the Innsbruck/Amras intersection).

GO-Box: Our very own device for paying the GO toll
Go Maut 43 2
The GO-Box is an electronic device for toll payment that is installed in the vehicle (on-board unit). It uses microwave technology to communicate with the toll gantries and thus automatically ensures the payment of the toll. Always keep the data on the GO-Box up-to-date to ensure that you pay the correct amount of the toll.
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