Always up-to-date when on the road

In all matters relating to traffic, we are a reliable partner and competent provider of information and modern services for our customers.

Are the roads free or are there obstructions along the route? Our traffic cameras and traffic updates tell you what's happening right now. But see for yourself how the current traffic situation looks and get an overview of traffic jams, accidents, construction sites and blocked roads along your route.

Road safety is team work

Your safety on our motorways and expressways is important to us. We want you to arrive at your destination safely. We invest a lot to make sure of this – it is our responsibility. We also need your support as the driver – because: Road safety is team work, and it can only be achieved if we all work together.

What we do…

Every year, we invest some 500 million euros in road safety – half of our total investment volume:

  • We build second tunnel tubes to prevent fatal head-on collisions
  • We equip the tunnels with the latest safety technology currently available
  • We build the most modern rest areas in Europe
  • We rely on tailored traffic information around the clock
  • We continually refurbish and modernise our roads – especially the safety facilities such as guard rails and impact attenuators
  • We have developed our own road safety programme 2020 – 130 very specific road safety projects.

What you do...

The statistics show that every year fewer people die on Austrian motorways and expressways. That's great! But: Last year, 33 people died in accidents – that's a historic low (in 2017 there were 54 people), that's 33 too many! And: The analysis shows that many of these accidents could have been prevented. We therefore call on you to

  • Watch your speed at all times! Slow down when visibility is poor, or when snow and rain make the road slippery.
  • Always keep enough distance
  • Take regular breaks on long trips
  • Concentrate while you drive and don't let yourself be distracted – driving a car is more than a side note…!

ASFINAG Road Safety Programme 2030

When it comes to safety, our motorways and expressways are already in the top league of Europe. With the 2030 road safety programme, we aim to reach the absolute pinnacle – together with all the road users in our network!