Construction work for safe motorways and tunnels

Infrastructure program 2021 brings more traffic safety, more capacities and less traffic

In 2021, ASFINAG will invest a total of 1.1 billion euros in the maintenance, construction and improvement of Austrian motorways and expressways. Around 523 million euros of this will be invested in new construction and extensions, and 611 million in the modernisation of existing roads.

Through continued investments in road safety, the ASFINAG network should become the safest in Europe. Our goal: safe and long-lasting motorways and expressways, and carrying out repairs and expansions as quickly, efficiently and with as few obstructions as possible.

These annual investments of more than one billion euros are an important boost for the labour market and the economy. Our motto: We only build what the people and the business location need and what we can afford. We use our customers' money in an economically responsible way. Because we know that a modern and long-lasting infrastructure is crucial – for safety, for mobility and for strengthening Austria as a business location.

We want our customers to reach their destination safely and easily. That's why we aim to keep the construction times as short as possible.