Digital Vignette

You can buy the digital vignette either in the ASFINAG toll shop or using our free ASFINAG app.

Get your Digital Vignette in just a few steps

  1. Click on the ASFINAG toll shop or open our free ASFINAG app.
  2. Choose between car and motorcycle and click on the desired product:
    1-day, 10-days, 2-months or yearly vignette.
  3. Enter the country of registration, the license plate of your vehicle, your email address and the start of the validity period of the digital vignette. We will send your payment confirmation to this e-mail address.
  4. Pay easily with credit card, Amazon Pay, EPS/Giropay, PayPal or SEPAexpress (instant transfer).

Toll Planner

Find the right digital toll products for your journey

You are not sure if you need a digital vignette or have to pay section toll for your trip in Austria? Our toll planner shows you all the required products along the suggested route. You can easily purchase them with just a few clicks. If desired, you can also schedule a return journey at the same time.


Consumer protection is very important to us – especially as far as our digital products are concerned.

Customers can withdraw from the online purchase of a digital vignette within 14 days. Taking into account a further three-day period for mail, your digital 2-months and annual vignette is only valid from the 18th day after purchase.

This deadline does not apply if you purchase a 1-day or 10-day vignette!

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You can also purchase the Digital Vignette at the sales offices of the ÖAMTC, ARBÖ and ADAC, in various petrol stations and tobacconists, as well as at the ASFINAG toll stations. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to buy the digital vignette at vending machines on selected rest areas.

If you buy the Digital Vignette through one of our distributors, at the tollbooth or a vending machine, the consumer protection period of 18 days does not apply: it will be valid immediately.

These are the benefits of the Digital Vignette

  • No gluing, no scratching
    The Digital Vignette is linked to the number plate. The new Digital Vignette does not have to be glued onto the windscreen and it does not have to be scratched off.
  • Greater convenience for holders of transferable number plates
    Because the Digital Vignette is linked to the number plate, holders of transferable number plates no longer need a separate toll sticker for each vehicle - all they need is a single Digital Vignette for up to three vehicles.
  • Windscreen breakage no longer an issue
    When you buy a Digital Vignette you don’t have to stick it on the windscreen. This means that when your windscreen breaks you don’t have to get a replacement toll sticker or worry about getting a refund.
  • Buy it any time and anywhere (within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland)
    From the day of the launch, you can buy the Digital Vignette online at and via the ASFINAG app. The new Digital Vignette can by bought wherever you are within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and around the clock.

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