Traffic Managers - Less congestion, more safety

Smooth traffic, safety, information - that's what the ASFINAG Traffic Managers stand for. The Traffic Managers’ aim: Prevent accidents and congestion.

The Traffic Managers manage traffic where it's needed: On the roads in the inner-city transport hub. Vienna's urban motorways are the busiest roads in Austria. Every day, more than 200,000 vehicles are on the road in the greater Vienna area. Even a minor incident such as a broken down car can have a big impact in this busy traffic area.

They have become an integral part of the traffic on the motorways and expressways in the greater Vienna area. Since 2018, traffic managers are also on the highways around Linz and the surrounding area and since June 2021 in the state of Salzburg.

To keep the traffic moving, it is important to provide road users with information about obstructions/diversions as quickly as possible. Breakdown assistance is also the responsibility of the Traffic Managers. The traffic managers complete around 16,000 assignments annually in the greater areas of Vienna and Linz. The length of time roads are completely blocked has been reduced by 25 percent thanks to the Traffic Managers.

Traffic Managers in numbers
At work 24 / 7   
Persons20 persons12 persons10 persons
Support area230 kilometers in Vienna and surroundings112 kilometers on four motorways in Linz and surroundings80 kilometers on the  A 1 West- and the A 10 Tauern motorway
Since2013April 2018June 2021

Cooperation with emergency organisations

Perfect teamwork guarantees that operations on the main road network run smoothly. Only if everyone involved acts in a coordinated way is it possible to provide help quickly and to prevent after-effects such as congestion as much as possible. One of the reasons the Traffic Managers are so successful is their close cooperation with the emergency services and the six ASFINAG motorway maintenance centres in Vienna and the surrounding area. People's trust in the professionalism of the Traffic Managers, as well as the division of labour, are an advantage: The Traffic Managers are the first responders, the emergency services are the specialist teams and the motorway maintenance centres are responsible for the routes and therefore lead the operation.

Cutting-edge emergency vehicles for mobile information

The Traffic Managers’ service vehicles are easy to recognise and fitted with the latest technology. Standardised info displays (“Achtung Unfall” / “caution, accident” or “Rettungsgasse bilden” / “form emergency lane”) as well as individualised info displays (e.g. alternative routes) can be communicated to the drivers directly on site. The Traffic Managers’ service vehicles are of course also in touch with the ASFINAG traffic management centre in Vienna Inzersdorf. This means that if something does happen, everyone can act quickly.