Toll sticker

From November 22, the 2023 toll sticker is available in puprpur at over 6,000 sales outlets in Austria and abroad. The "old" annual vignette in apricot is valid until January 31, 2023.

Toll sticker types 2022

The 10-day toll sticker allows a vehicle of up to 3.5 tons maximum permissible weight (mpw) to use the roads during a period of ten consecutive calendar days. The punch day (Lochungstag) is the first day.

Example: The punch day (Lochungstag) is 10 January 2022 – which means the toll sticker is valid until and including 19 January 2022, midnight.

The 2-month toll sticker allows a vehicle of up to 3.5t mpw to use the roads during a period of two months. It is valid from the punch day (Lochungstag) and expires two months later at the end of the day that is equivalent number-wise to the punch day.

Example: Punch day (Lochungstag): 10 January 2022 – this means the toll sticker is valid from 10 January 2022 until and including 10 March 2022, midnight.

The annual toll sticker is valid for 14 months, from 1 December of the previous year until 31 January of the following year. PLEASE NOTE: If the toll sticker is not affixed to the vehicle it is not valid!

Example: The yearly toll sticker for 2022 is valid from 1 December 2021 until and including 31 January 2023, midnight.

How to attach the sticker correctly

Car toll sticker

Attach the toll sticker in a visible location on the inside of the windscreen (our recommendation: at top left or near the rear view mirror).

Attention: Do not attach the toll sticker in the tinted section of the windscreen.

Motorbike toll sticker

Attach the toll sticker on a clean and above all non-replaceable part of the motorcycle (e.g. a fork rod or the tank).

Attention: A toll sticker attached to a luggage case or a motorcycle bag is not valid.

Security features

The following features allow you to tell a real toll sticker from a fake one:

  • All toll stickers are produced by a specialist company. Similar to a bank note, they have a security hologram that serves as the main protection against counterfeiting: when you tilt the toll sticker, the federal eagle and the motorway symbol shimmer.
  • Also part of the hologram: The year "e.g. 22" refers to the toll sticker's period of validity from 1 December 2021 until 31 January 2023.
  • Furthermore, the real toll sticker is not light-permeable even when you hold it against strong light. The same applies to the carrier foil: the writing on one side must not shine through to the other side.
  • The surface of the toll sticker is made of a special material that reflects Using a torch, this effect can be easily observed when the toll sticker is attached to the vehicle.
  • The empty field on the carrier foil – to which the toll sticker was attached before being pulled off – must not have any adhesive residue on it.

In addition, you can also make a toll sticker authentification online. By entering the toll sticker number including the check digit, the system detects whether the toll sticker is a correctly printed one. The toll sticker number can be found under the printed barcode.

Please enter the toll sticker barcode here:

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