Always up to date with the ASFINAG App

With its modern design, it offers even more ‘roadtripping’ functions than its predecessor.

The fact that it is being used more than half a million times in a single month shows that our App is a trusty companion to many people travelling through Austria. Packed with many new functions, our “unterwegs” App is now becoming the ASFINAG App.

Our new App allows customers to get from A to B with more innovation and comfort. This makes us more visible as a mobility partner and ensures our role as an indispensable partner for every trip on our motorways.

Download the App now

Download the ASFINAG App now and make every journey even safer thanks to web cams as well as traffic jam and construction warnings. The ASFINAG App is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The ASFINAG App offers the following features:

  • Personalised home screen – Design your own home screen by creating personal destinations, routes or web cams.
  • Map– Display various POIs such as distribution points, rest facilities and electric car charging stations as well as traffic and construction messages on the map screen.
  • Web cams- The App gives you access to more than 1800 live web cams along Austria’s motorways including web cams in our neighbouring countries Germany (Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria), Italy (Brennero), Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary.
  • Traffic information – Provides an overview of all incidents and construction sites on motorways.
  • Rest- Contains all services and rest areas along motorways including rest facilities in our neighbouring countries Germany (Bavaria), Italy (Brennero), Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary.
  • Electric car charging stations– Offers an overview of electric car charging stations in Austria thanks to E-Control.
  • Everything about tolls – Buy a vignette or digital section tolls through the App or find distribution points for vignettes and GO-Box in your vicinity.
  • Plan & Navigate – Use our inter-modal route planner (Europarouting) and navigation system powered by the Austrian traffic information system (available August).
  • On the road in Austria – Important information and telephone numbers
  • ASFINAG News – up to date information about ASFINAG
  • Languages - The new ASFINAG App is available in twelve languages.

Every safe trip starts with our App

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FAQs regarding the new features

Create a personalised Home screen by setting up your own destinations, routes, or webcams:       

Homescreen 1 Webcams und E-Ladestationen    Homescreen 2 Verkehrsinformationen   Homescreen 3 Route und Webcam-Favoriten

FAQs about the home screen

Q:I do not want to add a route. Is it possible to move the individual sections (near me, my routes) or can I toggle them on/off completely?

A: Yes, to toggle off/move the individual sections, press the three dots in the upper right corner. To get them back, navigate to the app’s settings (menu/via the app/settings/personalise home page).


Q: How can I add my purchased toll product?

A: By logging in to your account, you can add your purchased products to your app and display them on your home screen.


Q: Where are my liked webcams?

A: By logging in to your account, you are able to display your liked webcams on your home screen.


Q: I do not want to share my location. Is there an alternative?

A: Yes, you can add a set address (e.g. Home) and calculate a route from that location. To do so, go to the app‘s settings (menu/via the app/location&environment).

Here you will find all kinds of relevant information:

  • All about the toll– Purchase the digital vignette or digital section toll via the ASFINAG toll store, GO-Selfcare via the GO-toll portal, Austria-wide overview of all vignette and GO-Box distributors
  • Plan & Navigate– Intermodular route planners (Europarouting) supported by Traffic Reports Austria and an overview of e-charging stations for electric cars in Austria, supported by E-Control
  • On the Road in Austria– Important information and hotlines
  • Info about traffic & travel:
    • Resting– Overview of all service stations and rest areas along the motor- and expressway network, including all rest areas in DE (BY), HR, HU, IT (Brennero), and Sl.
    • Traffic – Overview of all events and construction work along the motor- and expressway network
    • Webcams– Access to over 1800 webcam live-images along the motor- and expressway network, including some of Austria’s neighbouring countries’ webcams: DE (BW, BY), HR, HU, IT (Brennero), and Sl.

By setting up personalised travel destinations and routes, you maintain an overview of the current length of your trip and potential traffic obstructions.

Ziel hinzufügen (z.B. Zuhause)    Route hinzufügen    Auswahl Verkehrsmittel (z.B. Pkw, Öffi oder Fahrrad)

Get an easy overview by using the app’s map view. Here, you will find all kinds of POIs (e.g. traffic- and construction news, distributors, and e-charging stations) in your area.

Kartenansicht    Kartentyp und Kartendetails wählen

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