A 10 Tauern motorway

Tunnel rehabilitation between Golling and Werfen

Comprehensive rehabilitation work undertaken in the Ofenauer, Hiefler and Werfen Tunnels will lead to traffic delays along the A 10 Tauern motorway between September 2023 and June 2024.

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Important facts at a glance

Urgently needed general renovation work on the Ofenauer and Hiefler tunnels as well as the Werfen tunnel chain (Brentenberg, Zetzenberg, Helbersberg) that were built back in the 1970s, will be carried out until June of 2025.

In a first step, we have been carrying out work on the electrical safety technology (that doesn't impact traffic) since September 2022. The second stage will last from mid-September 2023 to June 2024, where one tunnel tube is closed and two-way traffic being run through the second tube.

Due to heavy traffic in the summer, work will be interrupted along the 14-kilometre section between July and September 2024. Both tunnel tubes will be available in their entirety during this period. After that, the third construction stage will begin, where one tube will once again be closed. The tunnels are scheduled to be reopened in June 2025.

We are bringing Austria’s oldest motorway tunnels and all their safety technology up to the latest state of technology. This is necessary to ensure traffic safety along the A 10 Tauern motorway.

During construction, you can expect travel time delays and traffic jams on weekdays.

We are at work for you. Your benefits at a glance.

Key data
  • Total lenght 14 kilometers
  • Total costs approx. 265 million Euro
  • Construction start September 2022
  • Scheduled completion June 2025
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
    A 10 Tauern motorway becomes fit for the future
  • Improved road safety
    New safety technology in ten tunnel tubes
  • Innovative tunnel lighting
    New LED lighting for brighter tunnels
  • "Ears" in the tunnel
    High-tech microphones instantly detect dangerous sounds