Digital section toll

With the Digital section toll card you pass through the ASFINAG toll stations quickly and easily.

The Digital section toll is available for both a individual single route ticket (one ride or two rides) as well as a multi-trip card. The single route ticket remains valid for one year from the date of issue. The multi-trip card is valid for 365 days from the date of first validity.

When you purchase a Digital section ticket your number plate is registered. At the toll station, you can use any open toll lane (except the specially marked GO lane!) or the green section toll lane. Your car number plate is electronically recognised and the barriers open automatically.

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Toll Planner

Find the right digital toll products for your journey

You are not sure if you need a digital vignette or have to pay section toll for your trip in Austria? Our toll planner shows you all the required products along the suggested route. You can easily purchase them with just a few clicks. If desired, you can also schedule a return journey at the same time.

These are the benefits of the Digital Section Toll

  • No need to stop at the toll stations
  • Can be purchased prior to the trip
  • No need to pay at the toll station

Digital section toll FLEX

Drive now, pay later

Simply register at or via the “Unterwegs” ASFINAG App and every time you pass an Austrian toll station, the toll is automatically billed later on. Before the Bosruck and Gleinalm Tunnels, you can use the section toll lane marked in green to pass through without having to stop.

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